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The Democratic Action Team was a collective of Clark supporters who later supported John Kerry and other other local Democrats in the 2004 election. In 2006 many of my old Clark friends (and myself) stayed involved in politics, and many of us focused on helping various candidates instead of staying together as a formal group. In fact what I enjoyed about 2006 was that many of my Clark friends were hanging out with their new Dean friends (I guess we always knew we had quite a bit in common). But making a long story short, in 2007 I found myself with this website, which has become a bit of an orphan. I may re-invent the site in the near future so please stay tuned...
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In 2006 many of us old Clark fans supported Eric Massa in his run for congress in upstate New York. Eric just lost by just a hair and he's running again this year. Please give him your support.

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Stop being so cynical and get involved in election '08!

October 29, 2008: Click here for our chart on Red State Socialism...

red state socialism

June 22, 2008: I've been taking a bit of the rest since the end of the primaries, needless to say I was very happy that Obama won. However I have to say the best part was having so many good candidates to pick from - it energized the party in a good way.

As a longtime frnd of Wes Clark I'd love to see him placed on the VP spot, but if that doesn't happen I'd be glad to see him serve in any role in the Obama administration. If you're on Facebook please join the Wes Clark group.

Below is a recent ad for the Obama campaign which kicks off the general election:

January 6, 2008:
Four years ago I was very let down when Wes Clark skipped Iowa, and sadly the rest of the story was history. So last week I was very pleased to see Barack Obama win:

As everyone knows I'm supporting Barack Obama in the race, however I'm pleased to say that the field of Democratic candidates running is a rich one so I won't fault anyone for picking another horse. Although I would urge everyone to take a close look at Barack, I think you'll like what you see in the man the more you get to know him.

This is the first time I watched Barack in action at the Democratic Convention back in 2004:

An archive of Democratic Action Team of New York previous events:

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